P98a – A Visit to Erik Spiekermann’s Berlin Studio

P98a – A Visit to Erik Spiekermann’s Berlin Studio

Visit to Erik Spiekermann Studio P98a, on November 19th 2018

p98a.berlin – typographic workshop
Potsdamer Straße 98a
10785 Berlin

In my quest to find practitioners of typography and letterpress today, I am visiting Erik Spiekermann’s Berlin-based artist studio, p98a

Presses include an Original Heidelberger Tiegel, Korrex Frankfurt Kraft (1961), FAG Swiss Proof S 52 (1979) and FAG Standard AP 550 (1960)

Korrex Frankfurt Kraft (1961)

Original Heidelberger Tiegel


Archive of Wood Type letters of US and European origin

Wood blocks featuring common German word endings such as ‘heit’ and ‘keit’

Archive of Lead Type letters of US and European origin

Catalogues of Wood Type and Lead Type Letters

Exposed Polymer Plates – Used for print runs

Studio Working Spaces



Bauhaus Fonts – supported by Adobe California, presented at LA Adobe MAX in October 2018

Download via Typekit, Creative Cloud
Font designs discovered in the Bauhaus Archive Dessau
Modern designers to complete the five original alphabet designs by Joost Schmidt, Carl Marx, Xanti Schawinsky, Reinhold Rossig & Alfred Arndt

Experimentation with different materials used to print on letterpress

Alphabits – typeface FF Amoeba letters in 5mm acrylic


Typographic Library

Books and posters for sale, printed by P98A

YouTube Video By Jaroslaw Godlewski