Festival of Lights 2018

Festival of Lights 2018

The ‘Festival of Lights’ was held in Berlin for the 14th annual year from October 5th to 14th 2018, attracting 3 million visitors. Video projections and light art installations were designed by 66 artists from around the world, and exhibited at 60 different locations across the City East and West.

Buildings and landmarks were visually redefined through video mapping, projection staging and photo art – resulting in the creation of a variant version of Berlin’s canonical nightscape

Reconstruction by way of light, colour and sound

Leaving the viewer feeling enthralled with the visual performance and engaged with the mesmerising display

The Square of Bebelplatz became a 360 degree illumination spectacle with all its buildings highlighted, from the Hotel de Rome, State Opera, Law School to St. Hedwig’s Cathedral

Humboldt University on the opposite side of Unter den Linden – its old monuments and structures illuminated via the use of modern technology

Showing the city and its buildings in a new light – Zeughaus

Official Event Website: https://festival-of-lights.de/en/

Link to Illumination Map: https://festival-of-lights.de/wp-content/uploads/Final_Illuminationskarte.pdf